All Learn How to Successfully Do Business in Japan

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All about Japan, Culture, Daily Life, Japan Business, Japan Market, Infrastructure, Distribution Channels, Challenges

What do you learn?

Are you looking for an easy way to learn all about doing business with Japan? Do you want to learn how to be successful in conducting business with Japan? Here is a simple but powerful course to teach you the well-researched tips and techniques for being successful in doing business with Japan. With more than 30 years of practical and first-hand experience of the instructor, conducting business with several South East Asian countries including Japan, the instructor has shared his long experience and research on the way business is conducted in Japan. With the special emphasis on the unique culture of Japan, the course has the potential to make you very confident on doing business with Japan, after you successfully complete this online course on UDEMY. This course is exclusively available on UDEMY only and is part of the VJ Doing Business With World Series of courses by Dr. Vijesh Jain, who is an alumnus of Harvard University; IIFT, New Delhi; BITS, Pilani; BIMTECH, Delhi NCR; and University of Mysore, India.

Main features of this course

The main feature of this course is the very innovative pedagogy used in this course which comprises regular lectures, case studies, and specially created country interpretation documentaries on Japan and its day-to-day life. The unique nature of this course is that the case studies and documentaries use the latest innovation in earth data, to provide a virtual reality experience of visiting the country. In this case, it is Japan.

Topics covered in video Lectures

  • Overview of Doing Business in Japan

  • Challenges and opportunities of Japan as a market

  • Barriers

  • Cultural dimensions of Japan

  • Japan as an exports market

  • Unique features of Japanese management style

  • Common mistakes commonly made by overseas business persons in Japan

  • How to be successful in doing business with Japan

  • Business etiquette

  • Business risks assessment in Japan

  • Trade policy trends of Japan government

  • How to set up business in Japan – Step by step

Topics covered in Special Interpretation Documentaries on Japan

  • Virtual Tours of different aspects of Japan

  • Geography of Japan

  • Major Cities

  • Foods of Japan

  • Japan countryside and road tours

  • City tours – selected

Topics covered in case studies

  • Failure of Vodafone in Japan

  • Tuna exports to Japan

Assignment of the course

  • Tuna Exports to Japan – Dilemma of Mr. Gupta

About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh Jain is an alumnus of Harvard University, IIFT, New Delhi, BITS, Pilani, BIMTECH, India, Nasbite, USA, and the University of Mysore. He completed his Ph.D. in 2015 with the topic in the areas related to Organizational Behavior in Multinational Companies and Cross-Cultural Management. He has spent decades working for international companies in several countries. Has written several books on exports imports documentation and procedures, exports management, cross-cultural management and has published several research papers in international journals of repute on the topics related to cross-cultural management, organizational behavior in MNCs, climate change, and similar other new topics with new knowledge contribution. He uses his lifetime research in new innovative ways of teaching through online courses in the areas of business management, exports mastery skills, and doing business with major world markets. He has over 32 years of industry and training experience, having also worked as Director and Dean of top B Schools in India.


Challenges and opportunities for business in Japan


How to enter large exports market which is Japan?


Doing market research for the products and services for exports to Japan


What are documentary requirement for exporting goods to Japan?


Identifying products and services for exports to Japan

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