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eBizee Institute of eBusiness is a one of its kind of Institute offering most innovative, interactive and practical ‘future income’ proof eBusiness courses which are with global orientation and are affordable, accurate, updated and delivered by the experienced faculty and expert resource persons. eBizee does not claim PLACEMENTS to any of students which has to be arranged by the students themsleves. For other terms and conditions for the use of this portal and its offereings please read on.

Our Vision Is To Provide You The Best Quality Online eBusiness Globally Oriented Programs and Courses, Which Can Transform Your Future Career By Giving Requisite Skills Most in Demand In The Industry

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Terms of use of this portal

It is understood that the user of this portal understand the contents of this website as given are for the guidance and solicitation. The actual delivery of courses may differ as continuous improvements are made to the programs and courses on an ongoing basis. Necessitating changes which can not be incorporated immediately in this portal. Further students enrolled must know that all the academic material and videos provided to them are submitted and delivered for the students by the respective faculty and trainers who are themselves responsible for the accuracy and originality. The copyright of the material is retained by the resource persons i.e the faculty members and expert trainers. eBizee facilitates in bringing the students and faculty together to make the learning online possible. Further eBizee tries to make the online learning experience of the students most effective and useful. Therefore students must use eBizee platform as a place to meet and learn with the faculty members. Since each faculty and trainer have their own ways of teaching and learning, eBizee does not have complete control on the process and indications given in the portal are for reference purpose only and are standardized and generalized.

eBizee team is always looking for better ways of creating online teaching and learning experiences. During the course of delivery of the courses certain methods and process may see minor changes which is beyond the control of eBizee and are intended to improve the service and quality. 

Students who have paid the fees for the courses can not claim the same back after giving the consent to the agreement between eBizee and student. Such consent must be given within 1 week time or money should be claimed back by the student. No fees would be refunded after the expiry of 1 week or during the delivery of the program and courses

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