International Quality Research Writing & Publishing


The course is a novel and most innovative course, designed with the help of accomplished professors with proven research background. The course depicts the tips and techniques of writing international quality research papers and publishing these in top tier research journals.

International Research Writing and Publishing is a disruptive course, meticulously designed with the help of the most accomplished international professors from the top universities from across the world. The course is designed with the aim that the learner understand the most important aspects of writing international quality research papers and be able to publish these in top tier international journals. The course reveals the secret of research writing and publishing and delivered by those directly related to quality research writing and publishing.

The names of the professors who have delivered this course online especially for you are :

International professors and instructors in this course

  • Prof. Lloyd Scott, Professor of Practice, Technological University of Dublin, Ireland
  • Prof. Otto Regalado Pezua, ESAN School of Business, Lima, Peru
  • Prof. Vijesh Jain, Professor, eBizee Institute of IB and Entrepreneurship LLP, India

Highlights of the course

  • 3 weeks anywhere anytime eLearning
  • Verified course certificate with eBizee Institute quality seal
  • International wisdom shared for international research writing and publication
  • Self paced course available for longer period if required
  • Extended availability of course uptil Oct. 30, 2020
  • Contact the instructor directly in the course through Q and A. Clear your doubts.

Topics Covered

  • Winding road to academic publishing
  • Research Methodology and issues
  • Qualitative Analysis Using NVivo 12
  • Bibliometric analysis for literature review

Resources provided

  • Topics videos
  • Topics introductions
  • Inbuilt quizzes and assignments (Graded)
  • Example research papers
  • Sample analysis
  • Additional reading resources
  • Frequently asked questions on the topics asked by students
  • Summary of each topic brings to you this premium course to make your learning affordable and convenient. With its commitment to spread digital education anywhere anytime, ensures high quality of its courses and contents.

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Dr. Vijesh Jain


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