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Dr. Vijesh Jain, IIFT/BITS Alumnus, Professor, Founder, Business Coach

Program Pedagogy

  • Live Classes are held every Wednesday. You can book any at your convenience.
  • Online Courses to be enrolled on UDEMY and completion certificates of the required courses to be submitted to the faculty.
  • Mandatory number of live classes attendance required to earn the certificate
  • Program cost to be paid in advance
  • The program price is inclusive of enrollment fee for all the online courses required for the program.

Business Metaverse Professional Certificate

This latest technology has been revolutionizing the way exports operations are carried out, reducing the costs of export transactions drastically. Join the program to stand out of the crowd.

Program Objectives

  1. To learn all basic aspects of Metaverse Technology.
  2. To understand the importance and purposes of blockchain based platform in Metaverse architecture.
  3. To learn all about Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, Web 3.0.
  4. To learn online digital export setup.
  5. To learn about basic concept of exporting in a digital environment

Learning Outcome

  1. Basic Knowledge of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
  2. Basic knowledge of Metaverse and related concepts
  3. Advanced knowledge of Business Metaverse

Min. Online Courses Requirement Of The Program

Mandatory Courses

  1. 2022 All About Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto
  2. Preparing for the Metaverse dominated future of global business

Any one of following

  1. Quick Guide to Know What Skills Required for Export Success
  2. All About How to Become a Successful Exporter in 2022

Any one of following

  1. 2022 Instantly Set Up Online Export Business
  2. Successfully Set Up Online Exports Business in 2022

Live Classes Requirement Of The Program

Any 3 live classes related to this program. Live classes are held on Wednesday. Can join at different times.

Live classes focus on following

  1. Doubt clearing
  2. Examples and Case Studies
  3. Pre-requested topics clarifications

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VJ EXPORTS Mastery courses are really premium and simple to study. Anywhere, anytime education by VJ Exports Mastery is making it really affordable to learn worldclass skills in the exports marketing. Thanks for offering me these courses.
Kelvin Swam
From Dallas, USA
Now I learn online and do my work while I earn. So learning while earning is possible due to technological innovation suggested by VJ Exports Mastery Academy.
Zasha Black
From Australia
I am able to learn digitally. I was not so confident earlier. But now it makes more sense and enable and empower me to get rare exports skills. It is great that VJ Exports Mastery recognized this technological phenomenon which is really good for education, training and skill building
Jack Jones
From Japan
The stories shared by Dr. Vijesh Jain in the courses makes it more enjoyable and simple to learn concepts.
Frank Brownn
From London, UK

Jack Hank

VJ Exports Mastery Courses are really revolutionary

Zoya Lee

Makes lot of sense to study online and make business digitally whether locally or internationally. Thanks VJ EM for helping me learn about these aspects.

Alex Parker

Learning made so simple by Dr. Vijesh Jain. Thanks a lot.

Chris Jones

I could setup my own exports online business instantly. Thanks VJ Exports Mastery.