L3: How to become a successful exporter? Posted 15 April 2021

Hello friends. It gives me immense pleasure to share here the text based course titled – How to Become a Successful Exporter?. You will find the different lessons of this course here in the text form in daily posts. Here is the lesson 3 for your reading. If you wish to enroll to my this course on UDEMY with video lectures you can ENROLL HERE.

Reasons of growth of international trade

So friends, let us try to discuss what can be the reasons of growth of international trade in last few decades. As we can see here, that the world trade in goods has increased from $6.5 trillion in 2000, to almost twenty trillion dollar in 2017.

And similarly, trade in Services has grown from $2 trillion in 2000, year 2000 to almost $5 trillion in the year 2017. So, friends as you can see that the world trade is definitely growing very fast. And some of the important reasons for this growth in last few decades. The most important reason is the advanced Technology and this advancement of technology, especially in the area of transportation, and also in the areas of information and communication. Although advancement in technology in all sectors have really helped the growth of international trade, but the advancement of transportation technology and information and communication technology has really helped a lot in the growth of globalization. Secondly, friends, the favorable government policies for the growth of international trade has really helped not only in India, but in almost all the countries. Because without international trade, their economies cannot grow. And the governments all over the world are trying to use globalization use international trade and the growth of their exports as a tool for improving their economic growth. Thirdly, friends, in the international platform, today, we see that there is a healthy growth of several institutions and their framework, which is supporting global business operations. So they have their own reasons of doing that. These are sponsored by either international agencies like WTO, or IMF, or World Bank or United Nations. So many of these institutions are sponsored by local governments because it helps the growth of their economy. The final result is that we have a very healthy institutional framework, which supports international business which supports exporting. Which supports global business.

Fourth, very important friends is the increasing global competition in the international market. Now, this global competition, which is happening in the domestic markets as well as in the international market also has prompted large businesses to look into the international market because international markets are vast and infinite. Where domestic markets are small, close and limited. So, due to this increasing global competition to get the strategic advantages, the more efficient and large multinational companies then try to expand in several countries to benefit from the existing opportunities in different countries and to benefit from the infinite nature of the international market. Now, friends, we will discuss that what are the topics which we should be covering in this course, and which you should understand. We’ll be taking several examples. We’ll be taking small case studies to explain these topics. Which are covered in this course? And these topics are –

  • How to set up export business?
  • What is the typical export framework of exporting?
  • How market entry decisions are taken?
  • What is the international procedures and documentation for carrying out international trade?
  • What are the different types of international payment systems, which you one should know?
  • How to market goods and services in the international market.
  • A basic understanding of foreign exchange market.
  • Basic understanding of how to manage people in the international market and in exports business.
  • How to manage finances and investments in the global business and international business?
  • What are international commercial terms or so called Incoterms?
  • How to make contracts in export business? And
  • What are the export potential of the domestic market.

And in our example, we’ll be talking about the export potential of Indian market. So friends, we’ll be covering these 9 to 10 topics in this course, we will not go into much of theory, we’ll talk mainly some practical examples, small case studies to understand these topics. The idea is to learn practical things. The idea is to learn certain skills. Which is not very difficult to learn. So, this course will give you all the secrets of becoming successful exporter. By going into these topics, by giving you examples, by giving you small case studies. Giving practical tips, giving you practical techniques on how to become successful exporter.

So, friends this course will really make you a successful exporter. And if you do not complete this course, you are missing something. This is for sure. This course is very very important. Must do if you really want to enter into international market. If you want to become rich. You want to export goods. You want to see places in in the world. You want to earn FX. You want to buy property in the international market. You want to relocate yourself in different countries. You want to have your offices in different countries. You want to become a globetrotter.

So, if you miss this course. If you miss these topics, you will really be losing a lot. You will be missing a lot, friends. This course has to be completed. All these topics have to be completed. All these topics have to be learned by you, I will be teaching these topics in very simple language. I will be talking very practical things. I will be using some theoretical concepts just for the understanding of the topic. But I will be mostly using practical things, practical example. So, friends keep watching videos of this course, which will be short videos, small clips on each topic. Thanks for reading.

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