How to become a successful exporter?

Hello friends. It gives me immense pleasure to share here the text based course titled – How to Become a Successful Exporter?. You will find the different lessons of this course here in the text form in daily posts. Here is the introductory lesson for your reading. If you wish to enroll to my this course on UDEMY with video lectures you can ENROLL HERE.

Hello friends, welcome to this course titled How to become a successful exporter. I’m Dr. Vijesh Jain. I will first start with the introduction to this course friends, as you know that in today’s world becoming a successful exporter brings its own advantages and rewards. So becoming successful exporter require you to learn a few skills, which are not difficult to learn from this course, I will tell you the most practical and workable skills which you can easily adopt. This course will make you really successful exporter. By doing this course, you will learn many techniques which you are not even aware of.

Friends, becoming successful exporter brings a lot of rewards and riches. So this course can be really lively experience for you. So, friends, it is really very important for you to learn the tricks of the trade, on how to become a successful exporter.

Friends, let us try to understand that what are the questions which come to the mind of the people who want to enter into international business. So,questions like why do companies exports?

  • Why do they expand globally?
  • Why do they get involved in overseas businesses? 
  • Are there any reactive and proactive reasons for entering into export business? 

Friends, I will give you one example of a very famous brand in India in the sweets, Namkeens and savouries business and that is Haldiram’s. Now friends, Haldiram’s brand is used by several businesses. 

Which are located in Nagpur, West Bengal, Delhi, Bikaner and many other places and they all use the haldiram brand, because most of these businesses are run by people from extended families and the relatives. So, friends what has happened, that Haldiram’s is a very good brand.

And over the years, they have expanded a lot in the Indian market. But because many businesses are using Haldiram as a brand and they are competing with each other, so, Indian market has become saturated for them. And friends, due to the saturation, the businesses were using Haldiram as a brand they realize that there is a limitation to which they can actually grow in the Indian market. So, the result is that they are exploring to expand their business in the international market. And because of this exploration, over the years, many of these businesses have been able to enter into international market.

So they are now as a whole exporting their goods to almost 80 countries. And they’re not only exporting their goods to 80 countries, they have set up their factories, they have set up their outlets, they have set up their restaurants, they have even bought properties in international market the total turnover which as a whole for all these businesses, almost 7000 crores which is US dollar 1 billion in 2019. A very large portion of this turnover is from their international sales. It is estimated friends, that almost 10% of this turnover now is coming from the international business. And it is expected that in years to come their share from the world market will grow even more, because the reason for that, friends, is that they are unable to further grow in the Indian market because of the competition because they are competing with each other and there are many businesses

So, they are finding going tough in the Indian market, they’re finding very difficult to grow in the Indian market. So, they are entering into the international market which is very large, which is infinite which has got unlimited potential. So, all these businesses are competing with each other, even in the international markets

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