All Exports Imports Documentation And Procedure: Any Origin

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Entire Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment Exports Documents and Procedures Made Easy. Know All Exports Operations, Customs

What do you learn?

Looking to learn Exports Documentation & Procedure? So, you have been looking for a concise but essential course which can help you understand the basic concepts of exports documentation and procedure for exports from any country of the world. That too in a super simple step by step approach. The exports documentation & procedure course which can make understanding of all important exports shipment and bank (L/C) documents, simple. And the one which can infuse in you the confidence of having a complete understanding of exports formalities / procedures irrespective of the country of exports or your country of origin. Right? Hey, you are at the right place and reading description of the perfect course you are looking for.

This VJ Exports Mastery Series Course, focusing on to entire exports documentation and procedure is the only one, based on 30 years of industry and exports training experience of the instructor, an IIFT and BITS alumnus having worked with overseas clients in 28 countries working with top MNCs. The core understanding of the concepts of exports documentation & procedure can only be made possible by this course which is a concise and compact exports operations mastery course, while depicting the excellent and professional contents on the subject.

By enrolling to this course you can expect to learn more about

1. Commercial Invoice

2. Proforma Invoice

3. Packing List

4. Bill of Lading

5. Air Way Bill

6. Consignment Note

7. Railway receipt

8. Certificate of Origin

9. Quality Certificate

10. Inspection Certificate

11. Freight Certificate

12. Insurance Policy and Certificate

13. All auxiliary documents

14. Regulatory documents

15. Exchange Control Documents (e.g. GR/SDF/SOFTEX/PP form in case of exports from India)

16. Shipping Bill

17. Exports taxes refund (e.g. IGST refund in case of India)

18. Aligned Documents System

19. Letter of credit

20. Issuing Bank

21. Advising Bank

22. Negotiation Bank

And many more exports shipment related documents and procedures required to carry out exports transaction.

The main approach of the course is

1. Conceptual understanding of the exports documentation & other formalities

2. Step by Step approach

3. Practical examples and case studies discussion

4. Understanding of the game of exports transaction framework in totality

5. Use of exports documentation and procedures software explanation

What all do you get on enrolling this course?

1. Life time access to the course

2. Unmatched learning

3. Verified eCertificate by UDEMY, an American Education Provider

4. 30 days money back guarantee

5. Self evaluation tools like quizzes and assignments

6. Practical examples of the exports documents

It is assured that the contents of this course related to exports operation/documents management are well researched and accurate.

About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh Jain is having more than 30 years of exports business operations and international trade training experience, having trained hundreds of industry employees and B School students in the areas of exporting and international trade. He is an IIFT, New Delhi and BITS, Pilani alumnus. He is the first ever Indian to be certified as Global Business Professional by NASBITE, USA and first recipient of the Best International Trade Research Award by BIMTECH, Delhi NCR. He is also a certificate holder of several courses by Harvard University, USA and have written several books/research papers on above subjects. He has also run successfully his exports company dealing with overseas clients worldwide.


How to carry out exports transactions and operations?


What is the typical Exports Procedure of exporting any goods or service?


What are the steps involved in making exports shipment?


What are Pre & Post Shipment Exports Documents?


What is a letter of credit?

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