Wolf Warrior Diplomacy of China

The Aggressive Diplomacy of China: A New World Order?

What is wolf warrior diplomacy of China and what are its origins, implications for international business and relations?

China has been showing increasingly aggressive attitude to the world in general and western nations in particular. Its diplomats are talking not only tough but also aggressively blaming several nations saying they are unjustly interfering in the international affairs of China. The language and attitude of many of the young diplomats, ambassadors to different nations is bullish and attacking. This has been referred in the international media as the wolf warrior diplomacy which is something very new and recent in China’s recent history.

Most experts of China defend this attitude to increasing onslaught of accusations of human right violations in China and its aggressive expansions in border areas, including its handling of Hong Kong affairs.

Li Yang, China consul general in Rio de Janeiro’s lashed out at Justin Tradeau blaming him to have ruined the relations between China and Canada and converting Canada into the running dog of US. He also called US as the spendthrift. WATCH VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE TO VJ EXPORTS MASTERY CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE FOR SIMILAR POSTS 

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