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About Course

World class contents brought to you by the top international professors on the tips and techniques to write international quality research papers and get these published in top tier international journals, with verified eBizee certificate with its quality seal.


This course is one of the few courses in the world which pride itself of being created to make researchers and scholars to scale new heights in their research career by learning to write international quality research papers and publishing them in top tier international journals. Prof. Lloyd Scott, Ireland, Prof. Otto Regalado Pezua, Peru. Prof. Vijesh Jain, India and Prof. Servjaeta Verma, India has all tied up to bring the best tips and techniques of writing international quality research papers and getting these published in international journal. A series of high quality video contents along with monologues, introductions, concepts, additional resources, quizzes and assignments makes it possible for the learner to know everything they must know to write international quality research papers and even PhD thesis.

What Will I Learn?

  • Writing international quality research papers;
  • Publishing in top tier international journals;
  • Writing international quality PhD thesis,
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Topics for this course

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A Winding Road to International Publishing?

Prof. Lloyd Scott shares his experience in this topic about his circuitous and winding journey to world class research writing and publishing. He also gives a peek into the minds of the top tier international journal editors.
Winding road to academic research publications
Video of Prof. Lloyd Scott sharing his agenda and background9:13
When I started writing…
Video of Prof. Scott about his initial days of academic writing15:56
Dissecting the mind of a research author
Video about the questions in the mind of an author12:54
Quiz 1 (Ungraded)
Quiz 2 (Graded)
Rome was not build in a day!
Video about ‘Rome was not built in a day’15:27
Time to submit
Video about ‘time to submit’13:33
What after submission?
Video about ‘What after submissions?’8:47
Quiz 3 (Graded)
Quiz 4 (Graded)
Discussion question 1 (Graded)
What after publication?
Video about ‘What after publication?’7:06

Research Methodology?

In this topic Prof. Lloyd Scott discusses certain important issues regarding research methodology which are important for international quality research papers. He also discusses the difference between method and methodology while concluding on his take of research paper writing. In this topic Prof. Servjaeta Verma summarizes the tips and techniques shared by Prof. Lloyd Scott for the benefit of the students.

Twitter Mining Using Nvivo 12 Software Qualitative Analysis for International Quality Research Papers?

In this topic Prof. Vijesh Jain shares the step by step process of using and mastering the NViva 12 software for carrying out qualitative analysis for world class research papers.

Bibliometric Analysis for Literature Review for an International Quality Research Paper?

In this topic Prof. Otto, from Peru shares the secret process of writing world class literature review using bibliometric analysis in order to create irresistible international quality research papers.

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Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Monologues
  • Concepts
  • Additional resources
  • Research papers links
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  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Discussion questions


  • Basic knowledge of writing research work
  • At least graduate level education
  • Good sense of observation and research

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