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Basics of FEMA – a masterclass by Dr. Vijesh Jain is a short course intended to train the students to the working knowledge and understanding of FEMA. The course will make you understand the theme and approach of the provisions of FEMA and how and why it is what it is. FEMA is the only dossier of the foreign exchange regulations in India which governs all transactions that take place in the country whether official or unofficial. The course will traverse through the historical perspective of the subject and take you through the journey and story of the various provisions which are created to encourage and facilitate foreign trade and foreign dealings between the residents and non residents of this country with the world around us.

Course Instructor : Dr. Vijesh Jain, Professor, eBizee Institute of IB and Entrepreneruship LLP, New Delhi, India

Course Guide: Prof. Lloyd Scott, Professor of Practice, Technological University of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Course Coordinator: Prof. Servjaeta Verma, Professor and Business Consultant.

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What Will I Learn?

  • The approach and provision enshrined in FEMA 1999
  • How it manages FX transactions of different types in India
  • Confidence about FX operations
  • Approach of Indian government regarding FX

Topics for this course

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Historical Perspective?

In this topic students will know the historical details of FX regulations in India post independence. How government India understood slowly but lately the importance of professional management of FX transactions for the overall economic development and growth of foreign trade in India.
FX regulations in India, post independence
Video about FX regulations in India, post independence3:17
video about ‘FERA to FEMA’7:36
Discussion question 1 (Ungraded)
Resurgence of India
Quiz 1 (Graded for paid version)

Basic concepts of FEMA?

In order to understand the approach and structure of FEMA, there are some basic concepts related to movement of foreign currency outside or inside a country. In this section/topic Dr. Vijesh Jain will discuss these essential basic concepts in order for the reader to effectively understand what does FEMA calls for.

Residential status?

In this topic / section Dr. Vijesh Jain will discuss various provision of residential status as defined in FEMA and will also discuss how it is different from the definition of a resident in income tax act of India.

Classification of Transactions in FEMA?

In this topic/section you will learn the classifications of different FX transactions and how much and how can you transact without any regulatory permissions. How these transactions are categorized, If the transactions exceeds the prescribed limits who to approach and most importantly what is the GOI Liberalized Remittance Scheme?

FX Denominated Bank account for residents and non residents?

Residents as well as the non residents may have needs and requirements to maintain bank accounts in India for transacting variety of their business or personal issues.

Contravention of FEMA?

So this is the last short section/topic of this short course on Basics of FEMA - Masterclass by Prof Vijesh Jain. In this section and in the next video Dr. Vijesh Jain discusses about the compliance and penalties associated with the contravention of FEMA 1999.

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  • Those desirous of taking this course are expected to already know the basics of exports and imports, balance of payment, foreign exchange market and transnational payments

Target Audience

  • Exporters, importers, FX dealers, bank employees dealing with FX, global investors, FII managers, fund managers, Financial analysts and all those whio wish to setup their own global business and digital marketing platform across the borders.