Entire Global Digital Marketing Certification in One Single Crash Course

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About Course

Entire global digital marketing certification in one single crash course by Dr. Vijesh Jain, an award winning Professor and IIFT, New Delhi/BITS Pilani alumnus. Pay less to get MORE e-learning. Best online digital marketing certification program, brought to you by eBizee.com quality seal. This is the best digital marketing program in single course available in the market today.

Your frequently asked questions about best online digital marketing certificate program are given below.

Why digital marketing?

India and the world are at present passing through their most unprecedented times where physical activities and physical shopping are curtailed to a minimum. Even for daily use items like, milk, bread, vegetables, fruits, grocery, even cigarettes, people are ordering online. The trend is not likely to stop in foreseeable future. The situation is same across the world. In this situation the people with right skills and knowledge in the areas of digital marketing are in great demand and there is lack of supply. In the interviews if you can prove that you can take up jobs in this area, companies are more than willing to offer you jobs. This is a unique situation in today’s job market where jobs are getting scarce otherwise.

Therefore it is the best time to acquire holistic and step by step knowledge in the area in order to prepare you for the interviews and taking up responsible jobs in this area.

What all will I get in this course?

This course comprises of the following deliverable

  • A total of 10 hours of video feeds (a total of 50 videos)
  • Monologues, textual concepts, quizzes, assignments during the course
  • Additional reading links and resources (Optional)
  • Self paced anytime anywhere your speed eLearning experience
  • Desktop and mobile friendly course design
  • Self Learning Project ideas for enhancing your mastery of the subject (Optional)
  • Verified eBizee certificate of completion of the course (see sample of the certificate)
  • Quizzes (a total of 35 quizzes) and assignments (a total of 8 assignments) to check your learning
  • Plenty of examples and case study links
  • Top multimedia online learning experience.
  • Superfast SSD, fully encrypted and secured hosting servers for enhanced and smooth learning experience.

About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh Jain is an award winning professor and a BITS Pilani Graduate and an IIFT MBA alumnus, having more than 30 years of corporate and academic experience. He has worked with large global MNCs in different countries and has hands on experience with global business and digital marketing. He is also the co-founder of eBizee Institute of IB and Entrepreneurship LLP, New Delhi, a revolutionary world class quality education online portal to offer global knowledge at most affordable costs to the students. Dr. Vijesh Jain has a unique and simple teaching style delivered in simple plain Indian English language, which is most conducive for beginners as well as the advanced learners. He is highly passionate about online teaching and e-learning pedagogy. He is the first ever recipient of the prestigious Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth Best PhD Research Award conferred by BIMTECH, Greater Noida, India.

In his free time, he likes to switch off to nature and adventure activities. He has tremendous experience in distance education. Visit his Linkedin and Facebook profile to know more about him. CLICK Here to see his linkedin Profile

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What Will You Learn?

  • The digital marketing career field encompasses many niche jobs.
  • Digital marketing includes, but is not limited to, the following positions:
  • • Online Content Developer
  • • Social Media Marketing
  • • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • • Business Analytics Specialist
  • • Brand Management
  • • Mobile Marketing Specialist
  • • Web Designer
  • • Professional Blogger
  • • Search Expert
  • • Email Marketer
  • • Blogging (paid bloggers and Blogs managers)
  • • Viral marketing managers
  • • Social network managers
  • • Twitter marketing
  • A course which can provide step by step knowledge to take up any of the above kinds of jobs.
  • At the same time, entrepreneurs will find this course as a comprehensive step by step guide to set up Global eBusiness

Course Content

Introduction to the course
This online digital marketing course is a comprehensive multimedia course for learning all there is learn about global digital marketing. The course is divided into 9 topics covered in the following sequence 1. Importance and scope of Global eBusiness (3 Videos) 2. Basics of Global Business (8 Videos) 3. Basics of Global Marketing (2 Videos) 4. Basics of Digital and Social Media Marketing (6 videos) 5. Understanding Business Environment for Global eBusiness (10 videos) 6. Setting up your own global eBusiness (2 videos) 7. Developing globally acceptable products and services (2 videos) 8. Creating your own eCommerce Website at no cost (10 videos) 9. Promoting your digital business globally (15 videos) Each of the topics will be having several text lessons, video lessons, quizzes/assignments. The passing marks for each quiz and assignment is 60% of the maximum marks. Extra attempts may be allowed to take up certain quizzes and assignments as will be indicated in the quiz description at each place. See the next video to know more details on the course introduction.

  • Introduction video to the course

Importance and Scope of eGlobal Business
eGlobal Business is becoming more and more important in today’s unprecedented world. With every passing day virtual world is becoming more and more frequented than the physical world. What was peripheral in the recent past is the core in an emerging new normal of the world. This topic discusses the scope and significance of the new global world of business.

Basics of Global Business
‘Basics of global business’ is an important topic which discusses the process of globalization of business. It discusses - what are the driving forces which have forced humans to embrace an unprecedented form of globalization which has put humans at the top of the animal species on this planet and humans rule this planet because of this race in globalization. The topic also discusses in detail, about what are the political, cultural, economic and technological factors that drive the global businesses today and the nature of globalization which encourages humans to engage in an all out global trade regime.

Basics of Global Marketing
This topic discusses the basic concepts of global marketing and the changing face of global marketing thinking and strategic architecture in the modern world of world wide web, digital channels and eCommerce. There is a need to rethink global marketing today in a border less world interconnected by latest ICT which can be used for framing state of the art new global marketing strategies.

Basics of Digital and Social Media Marketing
In this topic you will learn all about digital and social media marketing, its role, its scope, it impact and its brownie points vis a vis traditional marketing.

Understanding Global e-Business Environment
In order to create global digital marketing strategy it is important to understand the overall global e-business environment, how is it changing and where it is heading. For example, in the midst of COVID 19, it is important to understand the implications of this rare event on the global e-business and foreign trade. Such skills require understanding of some of the basic concepts of understanding global business environment which are discussed in this topic. Also changing scenario of the modern globalization and its color is also discussed.

Setting up your own global e-business
Setting up your e-business globally comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. In this topic we will discuss what is required to setup your own global e-business. It is a step by step guide to setup your e-business globally

Developing globally accepted products / services
In this topic we will discuss step by step guide for developing your own products or services which would be globally accepted.

Creating your own eCommerce Website at no cost
In this topic Dr. Jain will explain the step by step process of creating your own global e-business e-commerce website explaining the process using an example of a website which he will create and show you the steps and the absolutely free resources which he will explain how to use to create your website. He will explain the process right from the time of naming your website will the payment gateway is set on your website and your compete e-commerce store is setup on the website.

Promoting your digital business globally
This topic explains step by step guide on how to promote your digital business globally and build you online brand. The main idea is to explain the approach you need to use to achieve your digital goals. The fine prints in the execution of the strategy formed using this chapter can be learned as you go ahead with the execution of the strategy formed using the concepts explained in this chapter. In the online digital business, understanding the technical resources available, customer interface, digital platform dynamics, own planning, and getting inspiration from successful competitors are important areas which are explained in this topic.