Dealing With Human Side of Business (Hindi)


Behavioral management (in Hindi) in business is key for success in any business. In other words, I will talk about, how to deal with the human side of the business. Because the human part of the business is the most challenging part of any business entity. Human behavior is most unpredictable, erratic and dynamic in nature. Human brain is the most complicated machine part ever created by humans or nature on this planet. Therefore dealing with human behavior is akin to dealing with the human brain.

No business can be run without the interventions of humans. Therefore it becomes imperative to deal with the human side of business.

Dealing with the human side of the business and behavioral management (in Hindi) is a must study course for anyone interested in business and management. This is the most important aspect of management and business skills. No MBA can be complete without learning about dealing with the human side of business. It is because dealing with the people in business is the main role of any management graduate or entrepreneur.

In this short online course you will learn

  • Psychological and physiological aspects of human brain and human personality
  • Theories that explains human behavior
  • Conceptual background on human personality
  • Types of common human personalities
  • How to do behavioral management
  • Methods of dealing with human side of business through
    • Diversity management
    • Creating sustainable organizational behavioral models
    • Understanding differences in leadership styles
    • Understanding the role of artificial intelligence resulting in changing human behavior at workplaces.

Vital Statistics of this course

  • Course Language – English, Video Language – Hindi
  • Total video duration of the course – Appx 1.5 hours
  • Number of video lessons – 9
  • Quizzes – 9
  • Additional reading resources – 5
  • Recommended study duration per day – 30 minutes
  • Recommended duration to compete the course – 2 weeks

Other deliverable of the course

  • Verified e-certificate of completion
  • Grade Sheet available on request
  • Behavioral Management Quizzes

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What Will I Learn?

  • Managerial Skills
  • People Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Behavioral management Skills

Topics for this course

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Introduction to the course?

Dealing with the human side of business requires behavioral management skills. These skills can be easily learnt by learning how human brain work and how human personalities are evolved. It is also important to learn the impact of the internal and external environment on the shaping up of the personality of an individual. It is believed that core of the personality of an individual is shaped in her formative years after the birth. Family, society and physiological factors (like level of intelligence) play an important role in the forming of the personality of an individual. In order to deal with humans and individuals in business and work places, it should be noted that it is most difficult to change the personality and mental makeup including intelligence of a person. What is important is to learn tools and techniques to understand and deal with the human behavior either individually or in group. Group behavior and individual behavior can be starkly different and need separate treatment. Therefore organizational behavioral models need to be understood through the experience of others.
Introduction (Video)2:45

Main Themes Covered?

In this section main themes covered in the course are discussed. The course covers predominantly following 4 areas 1. Theories of human behavior 2. Diversity management 3. Behavioral Models 4. Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Human Behavior Theories?

There are several human behavior theories which were the result of years of work for several social scientists. However some of these theories, though quite old, still find traction in the industry.

Understanding Common Personalities of Humans?

Some of the great thinkers and observers of human behavior were able to to identify some common traits among group of people which helped these scientists to group human personalities in manageable number of personality types. Some of these groupings are commonly used by practitioners in industry and business.

Understanding group behavior?

Humans are unique in that they display typically different behavior in groups rather than individually. Therefore scientists are able to understand a few types of most common group behavior some good and some bad for business.

Understanding and managing group behavior organization wide?

While scattered group behavior is easy to understand and manage, an organization group behavior management requires unique leadership skills and years of hard work to create organization wide corporate culture which is desirable and beneficial for business.

Role of artificial intelligence?

Humans have recently succeeded in creating machines which can mimic humans and till now there behavior at work places is manageable and under control. What may happen in the future is hard to predict depending upon what level of artificial intelligence can be harbored in computers.

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  • Certain knowledge of business and management is recommended

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